Cellulite Reduction

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     Lipo Massage®:
      (Non-Surgical Technology  for Women & Men)

Sometimes Diet & Exercise Just Aren't Enough...

Lipo Massage goes beyond what any normal level of diet and exercise can do. A unique combination of dermal manipulation and aspiration breaks-up and releases trapped fat cells, sculpts muscles, tones tissue and firms the skin. 
Research studies show major improvement in unappealing skin appearance, including cellulite, fatty deposits & loose, sagging skin. 

  This innovative practice used exclusively with the well-known Endermologie technique is selectively offered throughout the United States. Say Spahhh® is proud to be the first in the area to offer THE CellUM6.

Consultation and Treatment Outline are preformed during initial visit.

  Individual Session: ($90)
 6 sessions -  ($510)
10 sessions - ($800)
12 sessions - ($900)

Each client must purchase a personal "EndermoWear" suit to bring to each session

Pertinent Information:


Each one-hour session will increase efficiency of the circulatory and lymphatic systems by at least 400%, resulting in an overall awakening of the body. Toxins and fluid will be released during each treatment making water intake extremely important. On treatment days , it is suggested to intake half of your body weight in water.
(Ex: Weight of 150 Lbs. requires 75oz. of water)

For best results, individuals must adhere to a low-sodium, low-fat diet. Alcohol consumption should be restricted due to it's high-caloric amount and bloating abilities. Exercise should be incorporated several times weekly. Lipo Massage is for individuals who are serious about looking and feeling better and ready to make several lifestyle alterations. Lipo Massage has changed thousands of bodies over the last decade... Now It's Your Turn!

Lipo Massage® falls into the FDA-Approved Category as a Non-Surgical Medical Treatment. Therefore, prior to the initial treatment, each client must be assessed by our certified technician. If found to be necessary, our technician may ask for your consent to contact your Physician.